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25-35% WASTE


    Abby loves her lipsticks. She owns a lot of different kinds of lipsticks. She uses her lilpstick almost everyday. After 2 monthes later, one of her favourite lipstick is going to be used up. She  has ried a lot of different way, for example, she tried to dig the left lipstick out then put it in another tube, but it was hard to use. Finally she just throwed it away. There is 25-35% of lipstick waste per tube. 

    Abby is thinking is there any way to solve this problem?


Engineering Problem: 

Rework the internal tube to make wasted product accessible while staying within the current 

dimension standard.


Industrial Design Problem: 

Avoid the costs of re-tooling the external cases.


Business Problem: 

Develop a new and viable business model for bringing the product to market.



Track 1: Re-Design Lipstick Mechanism

Concept 1:


When it reaches to the lipstick’s end, peel the tube off, user can get more lipstick!

Concept 2:


When it reaches to the lipstick’s end, detach/twist off the plastic ring, user can get more lipstick.

Track 2: New Product

Concept 3:


When it reaches to the lipstick’s end, use another tube with smaller diameter than the lipstick’s tube.

Put it into the tube then twist. Left lipstick will fill into the tube, user canpull it out.


    Based on our research, customers evaluated shade and quality as more important factorsto them when they made their minds, so we proposed a new idea that we provided a onlineservice website for customers to customized their own lipsticks. It’s ‘Cratfed Color’. In this service, customers can design lipsticks with their favourite shades. We can also use this website to push improvement cosmetic products.


    Abby loves her lipsticks. She owns about 20 at any given time. She lives shopping online and like every other girl, wants to be unique. She uses her products as a way to define herself. She buys clothes that suit her personality, lives in a home that matches her taste. She has a very carefully curated collection of ‘things’ that she spends time choosing, customizing and updating. So why should her lipstick be ordinary? She goes online in search of a way to create her own lipstick shade, and comes across Crafted Color.The process seems easy enough. All she has to do is pick as many shades as she likes from a palette of shades, mix and match and voila! Her new lipstick is ready. All she has to do is wait for her order to arrive and shes all set to rule the world.

Class: Industrial Design Fundamental

Team: Ewen Zhong, Jack Zhuang, Anthony Prats, Shreya Matri, Pratham Shah

Carnegie Mellon University  2014.11


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