Class: Design for elders

Team: Ewen Zhong | Yisi Lin | Chendong Zheng

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication 2012.04

  • This medicine box is a part of intelligent healthcare system based on ubiquitous network. In this system, medicine box is connecting hospitals, medicine cases and mobile phones. 

  • This medicine box is made of stainless steel with a cross shape light on the lid. When it's time to take medicine, the light will flash to remind the user. 

  • There is a touch screen on the right side of this box for user to set up his profile and input his medical information. It can also show the QR code generated from the description for others who want to get to know the patient's information to scan with their mobile devices.

  • When it's time to take medicine, this medicine box also can remind the user by ringing. It's convenient for the hearing impared people.


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