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Vase Design



    Different kinds of plant have different patterns of roots. The beauty of roots is completely different from flower or leaves. What makes the vases in this series unique is that the photo-frame-like appearance, which break though the ordinary looking of vases. This design makes the root of plant look like a picture in the frame. Usually, the root is underneath the earth or water, which is often ignored by people. This design gives people a chance to appreciate this beautiful part of plant.

    What’s more, vases made of transparent glass can be also made into letters shape. The root of plant will fill every corner in this vase. Vases with different letters shape can be arranged in a specific order and combined into different words. This combination of vases maybe a part of indoor decoration.

    This design is trying to draw people’s attention from the upper plant to root. The beautiful roots of plant become important elements of drawing in the frame.

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