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My Role

As a UX/Visual designer, I worked with 4 students majoring in engineering in the team. My responsibilities are:

- Logo and icon design

- Wireframes, Lo-fi prototype and Hi-fi prototype design

- Visual design of presentations and poster

- Product video shooting and editing


Design Process

Problem Background

Up to 40% of the food in the U.S. is never eaten

The total consumer grocery wastage bill at $180 billion/ year in the U.S.

1 in 7 adults go to grocery shopping everyday

Competitive Analysis

Fridge Pal


Best Before

Although there are a lot of different fridge or food management apps in the market, none of these apps are really widely accepted by users. We picked some apps with higher rating scores from App Store and explored their functionalities. User reviews also gave us some insights. Here are some highlighted problems existing in the apps listed above:


-Focusing on many problems results in having too many functions, which are not really necessary for users. Users tend to avoid using too complex apps.

-The ways of inputting food info are different among these apps. Although scanning barcode is a simple way, many users complained that many items cannot be found from the database. Another way is inputting the name of food, which is also rejected by many users because it takes them a lot of time to do so.

-Unnecessary registration process decreases user’s passion and interests of using the app.


Product Opportunity

A mobile app that provides a simple way for user to record food stuff added to the refrigerator, and alerts user of expiring food storing in the refrigerator.


Fresh reminds you of the expiration dates of groceries in your fridge and alerts you before the expiration date comes.

In this way, Fresh helps you manage your refrigerator, reduce food waste and save money.



For front end application, we implemented it on both Android and iOS platform.

1. Add food to fridge and freezer from "category" and "mostly added"

2. Set quality guarantee period

3 .Delete food from fridge and freezer

4. Get information of food

5. Send notification

6. Interact with database backend

1. Add to/delete from fridge and freezer

2. Set quality guarantee period

3. Get information of food

4. Interact with database backend

Animation Demo

Examples of App Screenshot

Users can add food info in two ways: categories and mostly added items. Users can choose to add food to refrigerator or freezer by switching top tabs. By tapping "+" icon, users can enter the "adding food interface". 6 common categories are provided. We use icons to indicate different food items, which is more convenient than typing names or scanning barcodes. Since people tend to buy same food stuffs every time, we have mostly an "added items interface", where stores most frequently bought items. If users input a food item, they can edit its quality guarantee period or just follow the default value. After tapping "confirm", the food item is added to the refrigerator, which will be shown in the homepage.


If a food item is about to expire, system will push notifications to users and the color of food icon will turn into gray scale. Notification will disappear after users delete the expired food. In "setting" users can set how many days before expiration date they want to receive notifications .



Product Video

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