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Provides many ways to encourage you to stand up and exercise more


What is Solemates?

Solemate is connected health product system combining a smart insole with a mobile app which can provide many ways (e.g., sending mobile notification, insole vibration, in-app game and etc.)to encourage user to stand up more and do more exercise.

Product Video

My Role

As one of the designer in the team, I was responsible for wireframing, app interface design (sign up and creating profile part), logo design, storyboarding and video editing.

Design Process


VOA (Value Opportunity Analysis)

Key area

Confidence: Rewards for small goals daily. Showing them the difference and letting them see the progression.

Personality: The product must look like it belongs to the family of products that it connects to.

Aesthetics: The visual appeal should be motivational and easy to understand.

User Interview

14 Males & 4 Females

“Inactivity, staring at a computer all day...” -Ari

“Sitting too long without stretching...” -Martin

“Sitting, typing, staring at computer screen...” -Matt


of them regularly walk or exercise during the workday


of them use some sort of devices to monitor their health


of them feel the need to stand up and stretch during the day


of them expressed interest in using a device to monitor their health



Electronics cased on hard plastic to prevent breaking due to bending or moisture.

Polymer Piezo

Provides the power

•Voltage spikes show steps

•An average step will

•produce 30V


•3V 30mAh Battery

•Fitbit comparable battery is 1/4 the physical size

•Fitbit comparable battery lasts 6 days between charges.

Micro Controller

•The brain of the insole

Internal memory to remember data between syncs



In-app Game

Bluetooth 4.0

•New ultra low power bluetooth

•detects if a sync is possible

•Syncs the data from the insole to user's smart phone

DC/DC converter

•Converts power from Piezo to

3V to charge battery

•Sends signal to

Micro controller every step

Low Power Vibration Motor

•Will provide a vibration if the insole recognizes you are sitting for an hour

Create your own avatar and play games with your friends. If you exercise more, you will get more stars. By using these stars, you can buy your avatar more food. Thus your avatar may have more chances to beat other avatars in the race.

Avatar's Racing Game

Fun and interactive method for 

maintaining healthy lifestyle.


Gamifcation is trending and being used

in many products today.


Social aspect of application will

provide healthy competition.


Active feedback will keep users

aware of health.

Mobile App Hi-fi Prototype Demo

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