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VI Design

Beijing Fimo Art Cube Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is startup which aims at developing the culture of fimo art. They has several chain stores in Beijing as well as online stores to sell their product including materials, tool and finished product. They also offer classes in which customers can learn how to make fimo artifact. This company is developing fast both in real world and online. They want to improve their brand image to expand their business.

In the VI design for Beijing Fimo Art Cube Cultural Development Co., Ltd., I followed their original logo which they wanted to kept in the future, developing both basic VI system and digital VI system. In basic system design I made patterns, different combination of texts and logos. In the application designing system I made marketing product like banners and posters, business card and promotion product for this company. In the digital application designing system design I made digital products like APP interfaces and website design for this company.

VI Tree

Applied Product System

Digital Product System

Basic Elements

Basic Elements

Logo Dimention
Logo Arrangement
Logo Arrangement
Logo Arrangement
Logo Wall
Horizontal Ribbon
Vertical Ribbon

Traditional Product System

Pattern 1
Pattern 1 Tiling
Pattern 2
Pattern 2 Tiling
Gift boxes
Shopping Bag 1
Shopping Bag 2
Membership Card
Gift Box
T-shirt, Cap and Umbrella
Banners 1
Banners 2
Banners 3

Digital Product System

App Icon

App Interface


Design for Graduation

I'd honored to be chosen as the Visual Designer of the Automation College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication graduation events of in the summer of 2013. My major deliverables are the graduation Logo and T-shirt.

The logo looks like a paper plane in grass green and ocean blue. This paper plane has a letter 'A' as the initial of Automation College. Paper plane is meaningful image, especially in graduation season. It means it's time to say goodbye to our classmates and Professors, and to give them the best wishes from the bottom of our hearts. It means it's time for us to head to the beautiful and brilliant future. The color combination of green and blue gives people a feeling of growth and youth, which means graduation is not the end but the very beginning of the next journey in our lives. We're still young, enthusiastic and brave.

Design for graduation



A big logo is on the front of the T-shirt. There are many keywords/quotes on the other side. Among them, the biggest quote is "I love Automation". Other key words stand for many things/activities we've been going through in the past 4 years, e.g., 5 program names offered by Automation College, competitions and major courses. On the bottom there is a QR code. By using mobile device to scan this QR code, you can get access to the website we created for graduation season.

T-shirt (Front)

T-shirt (Back)

It was one of my best memories ever when I saw my friends and classmates wearing the T-shirt that designed by me during the last chapter of our college life. 

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